Student-centered Learning (5 Hours)

Student-centered Learning (5 Hours)

Have you been longing to see a group of students who are self-motivated, engaged in their learning and able to make real-world connections?

Teachers committed to real development in their students look forward to lively, stimulating and effective learning environments where their students are self-motivated, able to build on what they already know and equipped for the real-world. The Student-centered Learning approach provides a fitting framework for building such an environment that shifts focus from the basic implementation of standardized curriculum and assignments, to a more creative, organic facilitation of subject content and student activity.

This course presents resources, research-validated strategies and practical examples to equip teachers with the necessary toolkit to seamlessly turn their classrooms into student-centered environments. Some questions answered in this course include – Why is there a need for teachers and schools to change their approach to education? How does the Student-centered Learning approach compliment achieving the common core standards? What is the teacher’s role in this new learning environment?

This course also details principles of Student-centered Learning, a comparison of teacher-led classrooms and student-centered classrooms, developing student-centered objectives, facets of understanding, practical teaching methods that can be used, and several online tools that will help achieve success.

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  • Lots of practical ideas to use in every classroom that will sharpen my teacher skills.
    Patrick B.
  • Awesome course -- so glad this is the direction education is taking. Very informative and well organized course!
    Fleta C.
  • Thank you for providing modules like these that are so rich in practical resources! I really enjoyed this course and I will be looking into the different resources to use with my students.
    Janice P.
  • This course presented concepts of particular interest due to their student centered strategies and examples. Hopefully, instructors will give serious consideration to implementing this concept, adapting, and refining it to meet the needs of their students. It was well presented and the "in the classroom" examples were quite helpful as well as motivating. Also, the lists with strategies were generously detailed and quite thorough which makes them much easier to implement.
    Joyce B.
  • Nice presentation.
    Susan B.
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