iPads in the Classroom (5 Hours)

iPads in the Classroom (5 Hours)

The iPad helps us prepare today's student for today's world in more ways than we could ever do using traditional teaching strategies. However to achieve heights in teaching and learning, teachers need to understand much more than just how to use an iPad. This course has been specially designed for teachers who are just beginning to use iPads or those who are considering using them. Rather than a focus on learning to operate an iPad, this course will help teachers gain knowledge about different ways by which the iPad can be integrated into the process of learning. In addition to practical learning activities and ideas, it helps the teacher prepare the classroom environment and schedule for the introduction of iPads. It helps teachers to plan and organize iPad use, so that it is efficient and smooth. At the end of this course teachers will be able to:

  • Learn to use an Ipad
  • Find and use apps for teaching
  • Organize iPad activities in the classroom
  • Set up the classroom environment to encourage efficient iPad use
  • Manage technical tasks related to iPad maintainace including charging, updating and storing.
  • Use iPads to teach and practice 21st century skills including communicating, collaborating, connecting, creating and critical thinking.

And so much more! 

  • Start ANY Time
  • All ONLINE 24x7
  • Complete ANY Time Over 1 Year
  • Each Teacher Receives a Certificate of Completion

  • It gave me a variety of apps to check out this summer and hopefully implement some in my classroom next year.
    Rebecca M.
  • Much of the material was new to me as I have not used iPads in the classroom previously. The course has given me greater insight into the value of using that particular technology in the classroom. The course is well-designed to benefit me as a classroom teacher.
    Catherine R.
  • Impressed with this course and the new app and ideas on how to use them.
    Kerry M.
  • This has been the best refresher for what I have learned/used in my previous teaching experience, but I have also learned SO many new and useful ways to incorporate technology in the classroom (or in my case, the library!) and I feel like I will be able to jump in with my team, adding valuable ideas! All the students at our school have either iPads or Chromebooks. Thank you so much for adding such rich content and resources to these courses.
    Morgan M.
  • Packed full of great information.
    Amanda L.
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