Flipping Classrooms (5 Hours)

Flipping Classrooms (5 Hours)

"Flipping" the classroom liberates classroom instruction from traditional patterns.

✅ Move students beyond becoming ‘proficient’ in a subject to ‘mastering’ its intricacies.

✅ Explore making students’ learning needs the driving force behind classroom instruction.

✅ Identify effective tools and strategies, such as video, digital simulations, and computer games to personalize lessons.

This approach empowers student ownership over their learning and promotes the classroom as a collaborative educational environment. 

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  • All ONLINE 24x7
  • Complete ANY Time Over 1 Year
  • Each Teacher Receives a Certificate of Completion

  • This was such a great course and so timely with hybrid learning and distance learning.
    Katy J.
  • This course gave a deeper understanding of the flipped classroom. Gained a much deeper understanding of the concept.
    Margaret B.
  • This was a very informative module. I learned a lot I didn't know.
    Marcie E.
  • Great course! I have a better understanding of how and why the flipped classroom should be used. I now know where to begin, how to evaluate the implementation process and how to use what I already know to gauge student success through formative assessments. Most importantly, I finished this course with resources that I have looked at and I can use immediately.
    Cynthia A.
  • This course topic was very interesting and has great use in the classroom.
    Erin D.
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