Language Acquisition (5 Hours)

Language Acquisition (5 Hours)

Delve into theories of the language acquisition process, and uncover practical ways for teachers to help English language learners understand lesson content.

Through the strategies and information provided in this course, teachers are equipped to meet students at their specific stage of language learning and create aligned activities thus helping students achieve higher levels of linguistic fluency.

The techniques presented cover the acquisition and mastery of literacy skills for students including reading, writing and dialogue, as well as understanding and supporting English Language Learners at a deeper level.

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  • This was helpful and I hope to use some of the information in my new school. I think it is always good to remember that much of the thoughts and ideas presented about ELL students is helpful for any student in general Thank you.
    Andrea B.
  • I enjoyed the approval of strategies for diverse classrooms that lead to deeper knowledge for all students. Language acquisition in all content areas lead to higher capabilities in expression and I would guess also retention! Thank you!
    Rebecca M.
  • Thought it was an easy-to-use and understand course that met my needs on my timeline. I love PLB classes. Being able to take the courses when I need them is invaluable.
    Christine M.
  • The content was not new for an experienced teacher, in a district with many ELL students, but it is always good review.
    Maria G.
  • Interesting! Thank you.
    Anne N.
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