Public Speaking for Teachers (5 Hours)

Public Speaking for Teachers (5 Hours)

A competent and resourceful teacher must be able to effectively relate to and communicate with students, the school community, peers, parents and even school support structures such as the school board or the PTA. However, most teachers dread speaking in public speaking. Through the research and strategies in this course, teachers examine how to manage these fears and perfect related skills.

Teachers are shown how they can identify and work on specific problem areas and consequently improve their communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, as well as their technical skills. The resources included show teachers how to structure their speeches and harness technology to deliver effective speeches.

Questions answered in this course include - How do teachers really communicate in a classroom? How does a teacher prepare to speak at a board meeting? What should I keep in mind when meeting with the parents of students? This course is rich in examples, considerations, suggestions and tips for teachers to improve public speaking skills.

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  • Very interesting and helpful!
    Barbara C.
  • This course was strong in content, despite not being high in new content for me. It was a good review for future speaking as a teacher.
    Craig A.
  • Very thorough presentation of information.
    Marie A.
  • Very impressed. Due to other profession experiences, this is one of my favorite topics in teacher training and responsibilities. I enjoyed the content and suggestions and, once again, your ample links to printouts, suggestions, scenarios. Great course.
    Cindy P.
  • Thorough; loved the resources.
    Dale C.
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