School PD Requirements in Florida

What professional development requirements does a school in Florida need to meet?

Every school district in Florida is required by law to provide a high quality professional learning system for its employees. Each school district in Florida has a Professional Development Director who ensures that local professional development activities are planned and implemented effectively.
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According to Florida law, K-12 teachers must take this one hour online child abuse prevention course

All instructional personnel are required to complete two hours of a department-approved youth suicide awareness and prevention training every three years. A school district may request approval of adopted youth suicide awareness and prevention training materials by completing form RSAT-2020 and submitting it to

Schools are encouraged by the DOE to provide anti-bullying training for school staff.

What are the Professional Learning Standards in Florida?

ConnectedPD online PD courses are designed to align with Florida’s Professional Learning Standards.

The current professional learning standards, adopted in 2018, consist of three elements: domains, standards, and indicators. 

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At the highest level, the domains identify broad categories of knowledge and skills. Within each domain, the standards outline a particular professional competency or expectation, while the indicators serve as specific examples of practices or behaviors that may indicate proficiency in the standard.

There are seven standards grouped into five domains representative of stages in an improvement cycle: Foundation, Needs Assessment and Planning, Learning, Implementing and Evaluating.

Looking for online continuing education for one educator?

School PD Requirements

How do I contact the FL Department of Education?

Contact the Florida Department of Education
Turlington Building, Suite 1514
325 West Gaines St.
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

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Disclaimer: Please ensure the information and courses meet requirements for your school and circumstances and align with what your state Department of Education requires. The new continuing education information and school PD requirements in Florida listed on this page are current as of May 2nd, 2023 to meet the best information available. State professional development  requirements and may change and it is your responsibility as a school administrator to know your state staff development requirements and the process for submission and approval of all professional and staff development hours. Professional Learning Board can not guarantee acceptance by your school, district, state Department of Education or local authority.

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