Reflective Teaching Practice (5 Hours)

Reflective Teaching Practice (5 Hours)

Have you wondered if your efforts and hard work are paying off? Have you spent time pondering over whether your teaching strategies are appropriate for your class and reviewing the results? Developing a process of reflective thinking or reflective practice is a viable solution to this problem. Reflective practice is considered to be central to effective teacher preparation programs and the development of professional competence. A truly reflective teacher becomes sensitive and responsive to the needs, issues, and concerns that are so important in shaping qualitative educational practice. This course helps educators learn about various reflection and professional development practices that will enable growth as an educational professional.

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  • Will be very helpful in writing reflective statements.
    Peggy P.
  • This was really great for giving practical steps on ways to start being a reflective practitioner. The resources/guides are really helpful for creating a complete reflection that can be referred back to.
    Heather F.
  • I had many "oh yea" moments... ideas for myself AND ideas for my students. I really liked the personal teacher examples and writing. Thank you!
    Rebecka R.
  • Content was very helpful for relicensure. I appreciated the variety of reflective summaries. Very valuable course!
    Sandra A.
  • Very good information. I will study this further.
    Marie A.
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