Thrifty Classroom (5 Hours)

Thrifty Classroom (5 Hours)
  • How can teachers ensure that the quality of education is not compromised by their budget?
  • Why is there a need for teachers to change their outlook and how can they make optimal use of what they have?
  • How can STEM be implemented on a low budget?

Through the resources, research-validated strategies and suggestions presented in this course, teachers will be equipped to handle tight budgets, and be frugal in their classrooms by turning to alternative resources. Further, teachers will be provided practical tips that will allow them to adopt methods to make the most of what they already have, end up saving money and still have the needed supplies to provide a quality education. Rich in examples, scenarios, suggestions and tips, this course will help teachers learn valuable life skills to enrich their own learning environment.

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  • Each Teacher Receives a Certificate of Completion

  • Great course.
    Sonila K.
  • Great ideas and classroom examples! Thank you!
    Stephanie M.
  • I enjoyed this course. It was interesting and full of rich content practical application in the classroom.
    Erin D.
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