Rubrics in Teaching and Learning (5 Hours)

Rubrics in Teaching and Learning (5 Hours)

A rubric is much more than an assessment too. Provide quality formative and summative feedback for students at periodic intervals throughout the year by using consistency when grading student work. Teachers use rubrics to grade a wide range of student work including: solo projects, group work, portfolios, homework assignments, book reviews, and tests.

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  • Throughout this course, I appreciated all the helpful modeling of what good rubrics consist of, and thanks so much for all the sample rubrics! I'm looking forward to using them with my students.
    Janice P.
  • This was a very interesting course and rich in content. This course highlighted the expanded and beneficial roles rubrics can play in the classroom. Thanks
    Erin D.
  • Very helpful and detailed descriptions, explanations, and tips. Thank you!
    Cindy P.
  • I use rubrics, so this was very helpful.
    Jonathan C.
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