Standards-based Instruction through STEM (5 Hours)

Standards-based Instruction through STEM (5 Hours)

STEM integration doesn’t need a huge budget, lots of technology, or a ready-to-use curriculum. It’s something any teacher, any school and any classroom can integrate. This course teaches you how. We understand that no one knows your students better than you. Therefore, this course is designed to encourage teachers to integrate STEM education into classrooms in ways that is most suitable for students. 

Learn how to plan classroom set-up keeping in mind the needs of students. Become confident to design your own STEM curriculum, while integrating standards. STEM education is not just about doing what’s “cool” and “in.” It is essential in today’s world that our students apply what they learn in real life situations and across subjects. The STEM model helps prepare our students for the 21st century.

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  • The class was very informative!
    Mary V.
  • Very interesting and informative. Great videos.
    Joan S.
  • I loved this course so much it makes me want to start a STEM school of my own!! EXCELLENT information. Very thorough. Encouraging and helpful.
    Cindy P.
  • Informative module.
    Lisa M.
  • It is interesting to learn more about using STEM in the classroom.
    Alyssa B.
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