School PD Requirements in West Virginia.

School PD Requirements in West Virginia

What are the Professional Learning Standards in West Virginia?

ConnectedPD online PD courses are designed to align with West Virginia’s Professional Learning Standards.


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How do I contact the WV Department of Education?
Contact the West Virginia Department of Education
1900 Kanawha Boulevard East
Charleston, West Virginia 25305
(304) 558-2681


Disclaimer: Please ensure the information and courses meet requirements for your school and circumstances and align with what your state Department of Education requires. The new continuing education information and school PD requirements in West Virginia listed on this page are current as of August 31st, 2021 to meet the best information available. State professional development  requirements and may change and it is your responsibility as a school administrator to know your state staff development requirements and the process for submission and approval of all professional and staff development hours. Professional Learning Board can not guarantee acceptance by your school, district, state Department of Education or local authority.

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