Research-based Instructional Strategies (5 Hours)

Research-based Instructional Strategies (5 Hours)

To help students improve in academic achievement, develop an attitude of learning and acquire the skills needed for the demands of the work place and real life situations, educators must continually review, reflect on and work to improve their instructional skills.

This course provides teachers with research based approaches and strategies that can be incorporated into classrooms. These will improve the effectiveness of teacher led instruction and encourage active student involvement in learning. These strategies and approaches are shown to have numerous benefits resulting in increased student achievement and learning.

Through this course, teachers can also have a look at their own views about teaching and learning, gaining a research based perspective on commonly believed myths in the educational field. Teachers are also provided with useful strategies in the areas of reading, writing and math. The course is rich in examples, templates and rubrics to help teachers understand and practically use the strategies in the classroom setting.

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  • Well written and informative with relevant researched based strategies. Thanks!
    Montana L.
  • I thought that this course was incredibly interesting and accessible. Thank you so much!
    Lindsay K.
  • Good refresher course on student learning.
    Roger S.
  • What a great course! For the educators who value research, this course includes extended bibliographies that are so helpful. Thank you!
    Janice P.
  • This was a very well-organized and easy to follow course!
    Merrily B.
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