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Online continuing education classes for K12 teachers from Professional Learning Board consist of interactive lessons, think online textbooks, resources, quizzes, learning assessments and certificates of completion.

Absolutely! Leverage Professional Learning Board’s online PD courses for K12 teachers as your flipped PD textbooks to give your teachers a common language and starting point to expand upon in face-to-face sessions and one-on-one mentoring.

Whether PDPs are developed by your teachers on their own or as a formal process with school administration, online Professional Development courses from Professional Learning Board are a great tool for use in PDPs.

Professional Learning Board offers a large catalog of courses that includes topics of common interest for teachers who need help in building their skills whether in classroom management, ethics, safety or other topics.

Professional Learning Board online PD courses for K-12 teachers can be used for teacher license renewal requirements in many states. Please check your local requirements as Professional Learning Board does not guarantee acceptance.

ConnectedPD online PD classes are used for clock hours, not semester graduate credit. If your teachers would like graduate credit courses, Professional Learning Board offers regionally accredited graduate credit online courses through its teacher license renewal site.

Educators will be expected to spend an average of 5 hours engaging with the course content.

Yes, we do! Please contact us for information on 10 and 15 hour continuing education courses.

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