Reading in Content Areas (5 Hours)

Reading in Content Areas (5 Hours)

The capacity to read, and specifically, the ability to comprehend what we read, enriches all areas of our lives and influences our school performance, quality of life, career choices, leisure and relationships. This course explores the latest research to help students develop strong reading comprehension skills. It is full of strategies, illustrations, examples and practical tools that teachers can use in the classroom. Learn about ways to introduce students to new vocabulary, analyze content, develop perspectives and use graphic organizers. Teach students to question, draw inferences, visualize and make predictions. Teachers can use these in a range of subjects including language arts, science, geography, history, arts and music.

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  • Great course, well detailed content and information, but not overwhelming. I like seeing the examples that show practical use of the content topics in the classroom setting, that takes things out of the theoretical and moves it into the practical application for real world use.
    Erin D.
  • This class provided many helpful and useful resources. Thank you so much!
    Joan K.
  • I thought the ideas for teaching new vocabulary were very helpful. I also loved the information about growth mindset verses fixed mindset.
    Gloria D.
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