Inquiry-based Learning (5 Hours)

Inquiry-based Learning (5 Hours)

Preparing teachers for 21st century students requires a close look at what it means to teach and learn in increasingly networked, technology-rich, digital classrooms. Schools and teachers need to thoughtfully and intentionally design learning environments and tasks in which teachers explore issues that are relevant while developing pedagogies that are effective for a knowledge era. Utilizing new images and acquiring new expertise facilitates meaningful learning with technology. The Inquiry-based Learning (IBL) approach provides a platform for holistic education.

This course offers a framework for teachers to plan lessons that promote Inquiry-based Learning (IBL). Starting with explaining a need for such a shift in education, the course shows how an IBL classroom works. Through multiple classroom examples, teachers are able to understand what specific and new roles they play and how to encourage student initiative, while ensuring that the focus remains on productive matters. The Inquiry-based Learning course details some models that teachers can adapt to meet specific needs of their class, as well as to monitor and enhance the learning of their students. Teachers learn practical and dynamic ways of evaluating their students’ progress while also incorporating technology for better results.

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  • I just really enjoyed the clarity and organization of this PD!
    Pamela L.
  • I knew very little about Inquiry Based Learning. Thanks to this course, I have gained a lot of knowledge that I will share with my co-teachers.
    Margaret B.
  • Great course, valuable material, and ready to apply.
    Monica P.
  • This class was full of information about IBL and how to use it in the classroom. Learned a ton!
    Mary S.
  • I already use this approach and I found that this presentation gave me a host of new ideas. Thank you for the research, development, assembling, and creation of this content.
    Jonathan C.
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