Understanding ADHD (5 Hours)

Understanding ADHD (5 Hours)

Have you ever come across a child who’s always on the move? They might have had ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is seen commonly in today’s classroom. Children with this condition are restless, find it difficult to sit, are very impulsive and have a very short attention span. On the other hand they are also very intelligent and creative.

These energetic students can often disrupt a classroom. Thus, it becomes even more important for teachers to understand what this condition is all about and learn strategies to teach a child with ADHD.

This course does just that for you. It provides a variety of tips, adaptations and strategies that you can use while working in the classroom. You will learn about classroom modifications and adaptations that will help maintain order in the classroom. You will also discover methods for communicating more clearly with special educators and parents about their children. This course helps teachers gain confidence in not only handling ADHD, but also other students who are energetic, hyperactive or have difficulty paying attention.

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  • I learned so much in this course! I have many friends and students, and possibly one of my own children (he's still too young to determine a diagnosis) who are on a spectrum with ADHD. It is so helpful to have knowledge about how to help these students, and be equipped with strategies for interacting with and teaching these exceptional learners!
    Lauren L.
  • This program has been very helpful for my teaching license.
    Manana W.
  • Very good, up to date information. Written in a way that is easy to understand. I SO APPRECIATE the ease of technology!! I will highly recommend these courses to everyone!
    Karen F.
  • Good presentation.
    Susan B.
  • Good review on ways to accommodate children with ADHD in the classroom setting.
    Alyssa B.
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