Reading through Technology in the Classroom (5 Hours)

Reading through Technology in the Classroom (5 Hours)

Reading is an essential skill central to education. In today’s classroom, students use and access information from a variety of sources. The skills of evaluating content, collaboration and peer-review become an important part of reading.

This course showcases creative strategies for reading instruction that incorporate technology. It introduces teachers to advances in technology and to devices and techniques which can be used to enhance reading in the classroom. The course incorporates technology through activities, strategies, and templates teachers can use to enhance students’ reading skills.

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  • This course was very logically structured, easy to follow and complete, and I am excited to try some new ideas I got from this course in my classroom!
    Elizabeth S.
  • This was a fascinating topic and a very enjoyable course. Technology is fun, engaging (for adults as well as kids), and constantly changing and improving over what was previously possible. It was great learning about practical use of so many great technologies in the classroom. Thanks!
    Erin D.
  • The information regarding interactive whiteboards was helpful.
    Gloria D.
  • Another excellent course that I learned a great deal from! Thank you.
    Rodney S.
  • I really liked the suggestions for apps and tools for student-created videos, blogs, podcasts, etc. I spent most of my time looking at these great resources and envisioning which ones would work best for my students, so thank you for the tips and ideas!
    Jenna F.
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