Student Portfolios (5 Hours)

Student Portfolios (5 Hours)

Successfully integrate portfolios to enhance students’ development and become an essential part of teaching and learning. Through the resources in this course, teachers are equipped to understand and use portfolios to emphasize the student’s role of taking responsibility for their learning and the teacher’s role of guiding that learning. The practical tips and suggestions provided in this course will take teachers through the process of implementing portfolios in their classrooms, with factual information clearly linking student learning to the actual goal.

Teachers will be introduced to the concept of using portfolios as assessment tools, and the advantages of their implementation to both teachers and students. The resources included show teachers how to capitalize on the students natural tendency to save work, get them to take a second look and critically analyze how they can improve future work.

Questions answered in this course include –

  • How do teachers take on the role of ‘portfolio advisors’, and guide students through the process of creating and maintain portfolios?
  • What is the relevance of a portfolio?
  • What are the objectives of an effective portfolio?

Rich in examples, considerations, suggestions and tips for teachers, this course aims to enhance the teaching and learning experience for students.

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  • I have been a long-time fan of student portfolios and I was really glad to see this module included in your courses. Thanks so much for all the great links that you have included, too!
    Janice P.
  • Great course! Thank you.
    Deborah S.
  • So much valuable information and resources. Thank you for including rubrics and planning sheets as well as places to go for digital portfolio help.
    Cindy P.
  • I loved learning more about different types of portfolios.
    Alyssa B.
  • Portfolios have so many good attributes. Well covered !
    Susan B.
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