Classroom Organization for the 21st Century (5 Hours)

Classroom Organization for the 21st Century (5 Hours)

Good teaching is both an art and a science. It requires a significant amount of planning, research, preparation, evaluation, and a whole lot of creativity. However, that doesn’t mean teachers need to sacrifice their personal and family life for education. The key to “doing it all” and “doing it all well” is organization. A rested, relaxed, and organized teacher is an effective teacher.

The aim of this course, The Organized Teacher, is to aid teachers as they strive to make their lives and classrooms more organized and a lot less stressful. There are tips, tools, templates, and creative ideas to help teachers organize the classroom environment, classroom activities, assessments, and other class events. The ideas in this course will present effective ways for teachers to be organized and to take practical steps to manage stressful days and avoid time crunches. This will have a positive impact on both themselves and their students.  

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  • The technology for organization was new to me. I liked the downloads available for tracking student progress and communicating with parents.
    Susan P.
  • I have enjoyed my classes and learned so much. Thank you.
    Sabra C.
  • I felt like Lesson 1 had some great tips to help as I prepare to step into a new classroom
    Andrea B.
  • Learned a lot!
    Joseph C.
  • Informative and huge help for me as teacher.
    Jose D.
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