Videos in the Classroom (5 Hours)

Videos in the Classroom (5 Hours)

Every teacher wants students to be enthusiastic about learning. Sometimes it is a challenge to capture students' interest as the topic may be complex or difficult to understand. Videos can do wonders to pique students' interest and engagement. Students retain information faster, grasp concepts more rapidly, and become more enthusiastic about learning when videos are used in the classroom.

This course encourages teachers to use of videos already available online and learn to record, edit, create, embed and share videos.  The course presents guidelines and practical tips on choosing the right videos to align with learning objectives.  With the templates and real-life examples provided in this course, teachers find it easy to connect complex lessons to real-life scenarios. Resources help teachers to conduct post-viewing activities that ensure videos are not just the ‘interesting' part of the lesson, but are used as a tool to enhance learning and reflection. 

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  • All ONLINE 24x7
  • Complete ANY Time Over 1 Year
  • Each Teacher Receives a Certificate of Completion

  • This course provided a good foundation for getting a teacher started with using videos in the classroom. It also gave a good overview of the different ways you can approach using videos in class. Thanks!
    Aldea L.
  • There were good resources provided which would be very beneficial to use in the classroom.
    Candy W.
  • Really enjoyed this course!
    Laura T.
  • Great resources and instruction. Gave me some ideas for the next school term. Thank you for the course.
    David R.
    Mindy W.
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