Reading Across the Curriculum (5 Hours)

Reading Across the Curriculum (5 Hours)

Reading is an essential component of learning. Often when students struggle within a specific subject matter it is because of poor reading instruction and underdeveloped reading skills.

This course teaches research-based and classroom proven reading instruction techniques that can be used across all content areas and grade levels to improve student achievement.

The course equips teachers to become better instructors. It suggests new ideas on motivating students to read more, and improve reading comprehension. The course provides a large number of tools, exercises and additional resources that the teacher can use to practice skills learned in the lessons.

Dive into the world of reading instruction and strategies and get geared up to make your students proficient readers.

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  • Appreciated links to research, especially the video of a talk by G. Reid Lyn.
    Jennifer L.
  • A very helpful review. Thank you!
    Linda O.
  • A very helpful review. Thank you!
    Linda O.
  • I appreciate the practical tools this course offered. Sometimes the courses seem to be really broad but I felt this one was more in depth and had good strategies.
    Naomi L.
  • I appreciated the thorough information including research based readings. The charts were helpful and several examples were given in each topic.
    Tammy B.
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