English Language Learners in the Classroom (5 Hours)

English Language Learners in the Classroom (5 Hours)

Facilitate optimal learning in the classroom by helping English Language Learners feel validated. This online PD course includes a range of strategies and activities that lead to interactions which benefit the four language skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The Sheltered Instruction (SI) model is presented along with ways to apply this model when teaching English Language Learners. The importance of working collaboratively and ensuring the involvement of parents to enhance learning is emphasized with corresponding strategies. Through a range of research-based findings, teachers are equipped to engage students in “higher order thinking skills” and design a sufficiently challenging curriculum.

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  • I felt it was a very informative course that will help me improve my teaching.
    Mark E.
  • Very interesting course with useful materials.
    Benjamin D.
  • Good course. I learned a general overview on how to modify/differentiate my instruction to aid in the needs of ELL students.
    Molly L.
  • This was well organized and easy to follow. It helped with a licensing requirement.
    Diane U.
  • This was a great course and very easy to use! Very go at your own pace which was perfect for my needs!
    Samantha D.
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