Assistive Communication for Every Classroom (5 Hours)

Assistive Communication for Every Classroom (5 Hours)

Students with disabilities face many communication challenges. Combined with possible physical and cognitive disabilities, learning can be compromised. As teachers, it is important to help students with disabilities overcome difficulties to attain and maximize potential in the classroom.

This course, helps teachers achieve this goal. Teachers are introduced to available Assistive Communication techniques and tools. Primarily, this course aims to prepare teachers with an understanding of these tools and how to incorporate them into a classroom to best build on the needs and abilities of the student. Teachers also learn how to stimulate and facilitate learning by incorporating high-tech and low-tech assistive devices. The tools, strategies and templates provided in this course help teachers create an inclusive classroom and positive learning environment for students with disabilities.

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  • I was amazed at the opportunities to use technology to help students -- so many options.
    Pam M.
  • I like how you use many examples.
    Lisa G.
  • I have students who have difficulty communicating and are visually impaired, and although we currently assist them with read-alouds, this has been very helpful with them and other students who have difficulty communicating emotional needs or other issues in the classroom. I adapted it so that all students may use them, and students with difficulties are not singled out.
    Wendy S.
  • I learned new information from this course.
    Patricia F.
  • This was a very helpful refresher on the different types of AT and AAC available. In my new classroom I expect there to be various communication needs. Thanks!
    Ashley D.
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