Mathematics for All Teachers (5 Hours)

Mathematics for All Teachers (5 Hours)

Math is a subject that is very connected with every other subject taught in the classroom. This course is designed to help any teacher gain confidence in areas related to mathematics and the common core. It is a great start for teachers looking to implement STEM and other models of integrated education.

Mathematics for All Teachers helps teachers understand math practices and application of math through standards. It helps teachers understand ways in which these practices can be incorporated into any classroom, explains the different ways a teacher can enhance student learning, and encourages teachers to set up their classroom in a way that increases student involvement and makes math real and fun for everyone.

Mathematics education is changing today and is no more just about solving questions on paper. It’s all about application and using math in real ways. This course will help equip Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies teachers to gain confidence in integrating math effectively in their teaching practice. And so much more!

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  • This math course turned out to be better than I thought. It made me think more about the student and from his/her perspective. I got some good ideas that I'm going to use and share with my coworkers. Thanks for the course. I enjoy and learn a lot from your courses.
    Marcie E.
  • Excellent review for veteran teachers like me. Many examples of lesson plans.
    Susana A.
  • Very interesting and informative
    Joan S.
  • I found this information insightful and full of new ways of implementing different ways to encourage a positive focus on academic learning!
    Sara G.
  • Good refresher from college days.
    Kim T.
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