Keeping Kids Safe (1 Hour)

Keeping Kids Safe (1 Hour)

Children are vulnerable. We need to do what we can to protect them from abuse, trafficking and other forms of child maltreatment that are very real and present around us. Keeping Kids Safe is a short introduction to child safety that helps us understand why children trust their abusers, and what we can do to prevent that. It will help us train our eyes to see child maltreatment around us, and create environments where children are safe. In addition, this short course has a special focus on trafficking, one of the types of child maltreatment that is most frequently misunderstood.

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  • A well designed course that was easy to work through and complete. I like the option of being able to stop and start the course wherever you leave off at.
    Nicole Y.
  • This course was an eye opener. I learned a lot from taking this course on how to keep kids safe. Great course.
    Dori G.
  • Great information. Liked the focus on trafficking as it is becoming a huge issue in our area. And working with homeless children and youth it is important to be reminded of the signs, risk factors and how to help prevent.
    Leslie G.
  • Well organized, informative, and rich with information and statistics.
    Melissa R.
  • Thank you for the rich content! I not only appreciate this information as an educator, but as a soon-to-be-parent.
    Kristen F.
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