Introduction to Autism (5 Hours)

Introduction to Autism (5 Hours)

Most of us know someone with autism. This neurodevelopmental condition impacts a student’s ability to communicate, form social skills, and manage sensory challenges, often affecting their academic potential and learning style in the classroom. A person with autism may experience thinking, remembering events, reacting, and communicating in a unique way.

In this course, educators will find tried and tested strategies, tips, real-life examples, and insights to create more inclusive classrooms and help students on the autism spectrum thrive.

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  • It was like I was learning about a whole new world. I have gained great empathy for parents of autistic children as well as educators that have to deal with them longer than I have. I feel my interactions with ASD students will be richer, more rewarding after all that I have learned.
    Peggy W.
  • This is one of the best online courses on ASD. I really enjoyed the videos and the many practical suggestions throughout the course. Information was well organized and also engaging. Thank you!
  • Intro to Autism was excellent. I work with this population and I thought the course content was very useful.
  • Having just completed the Autism course, I am so glad I took it. I now realize that a child who was diagnosed as dysgraphic has a more complex profile and is indeed autistic. The content of the class will allow me to better serve my students and support their families as we work together. This course underscores the importance of regular, updated neuropsych/learner profile evaluations being completed for children and their families.
    Gail M.
  • I learned a wealth of information which will be extremely helpful in my classroom. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the technology so easy. Would highly recommend to other professionals. Thank you for this valuable way to earn license renewal points!
    Karen F.
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