Enhancing Instruction through Standards (5 Hours)

Enhancing Instruction through Standards (5 Hours)

Explore practical ways for you to integrate standards into your classroom instruction, to enhance your students’ learning experiences. Standards have set high expectations for all students that by the time they complete high school, they would be prepared to be successful in college, career and life globally in the 21st century. This course provides an insight into the roles of teachers and students in the implementation and adoption of standards in schools by integration of proven strategies like collaborative learning, differentiated instruction and technology.

This course provides teachers with a wealth of resources, ideas and techniques for the successful implementation of standards to test the will and the skills of every school leader and teacher, with every student receiving every student receiving consistent, high-quality instruction in every classroom, school-wide every single day. Although the focus of the standards for English Language Arts and Literacy and Mathematics is primarily academic, they also set high expectations for student behavior, thus establishing that academic learning and behavior in the classroom are inter- related. Teachers are provided with instructional strategies to handle the different forms of negative behavior that surface in the classroom and motivational systems to promote and encourage positive behavior that apply in the students’ life outside the classroom as well.

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  • Love the training.
    Andre B.
  • I was out of teaching for 3 years, this course helped me understand the current language and expectations of teaching in the Standards-based form of instruction. Thank you.
    Karen R.
  • Very enjoyable and this course affirmed many of my current classroom experiences.
    Deborah S.
  • Useful strategies in an ever changing environment.
    Jesse B.
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