Child Abuse Prevention (5 Hours)

Child Abuse Prevention (5 Hours)

Child abuse and trafficking are serious issues threatening and harming the safety and well being of our children.
As teachers, our responsibility is not limited to academic performance, but to the overall development and welfare of our students. It is vital that we fight against child abuse and trafficking. This course will help you with information and skills to do so. 

You will be introduced to fundamental facts, indicators and risk factors related to child abuse and trafficking. This course primarily focuses on a teacher’s role as a mandatory reporter. Understanding this information is crucial to identification for victims including procedures for helping  ensure the safety of students.

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  • The information provided was helpful & frightening. I feel better equipped to recognize child abuse & neglect, and more knowledgable of how to respond. Reducing the risk has never been more clear & necessary.
    Tara M.
  • Another great course--I work in this field so a lot of the info was familiar, but I really liked the updated content about trafficking and teachers who abuse students.
    Fleta C.
  • Great class packed with valuable information.
    Jon P.
  • The course was very informative, it was very complete and detailed about negligence and child abuse. It will definitely help me at work and it will be helpful to identify, report and to intervene.
    Alicia A.
  • These lessons are filled with great information. Very refreshing.
    Charmein Z.
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