Bulletin Boards - Ideas for Every Classroom (5 Hours)

Bulletin Boards - Ideas for Every Classroom (5 Hours)

A classroom can seem incomplete without attractive and educative bulletin boards. Have you ever looked at another teacher’s bulletin boards and wondered how they managed to make it so interesting? Maybe you don’t have a lot of experience with art, or maybe you’re running low on creative ideas.

This course provides a new and fresh direction that helps teachers understand the basic principles of art and design and how to apply these in planning and creating bulletin boards. Included are a number of ideas for interesting, interactive and educative bulletin boards. Through this course, teachers come up with some very creative and visually effective ideas for their classrooms and often are inspired to create their own classroom bulletin board makeovers.

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  • Great course! I really liked that they had pictures of the various bulletin boards to illustrate the concepts.
    Bethany G.
  • Everything is easy to understand and relevant.
    Gloria K.
  • Easy to use and time effective for my needs.
    Bonne L.
  • liked this chapter. It reminded me that what is put on the bulletin board/walls must serve a purpose, not just look good or have a catchy slogan. All of the information was relevant and caused me to think about things in different ways. I give it a 5 for me.
    Sheila A.
  • As an art ed major circa 1975 I was thrilled to see this course included for all teachers! The info was not really new to me, but was presented in a great way. I was also happy to pass the quiz on the first try.
    Fleta C.
  • Many excellent specific ideas for eye-catching bulletin boards.
    Donald G.
  • Helpful ideas as I plan my bulletin boards for the next year. Some fun ideas that I would like to incorporate.
    Miriam H.
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