Now your school system can have its own online Professional Learning Community dedicated to meeting professional development and academic goals.

professional learning community

Propel Progress

Track and record teacher PD with on-demand, online reporting whenever you need it, without having to ask.

Learn from Experts

ConnectedPD®’s experienced educators deliver research-based teaching strategies.

Customize PD Goals

Assign courses designed for each educator's professional learning plan.

PD Tracker

With the PD Tracker, teachers can track all of their PD, including ConnectedPD® online courses, stand-alone conferences, local workshops, and school in-service. 

online courses

ADVANCED FEATURES: Elevate ConnectedPD® into a customized PLC for your school!

Uphold School Culture

With ConnectedPD®, your staff gets a consistent brand experience based on their log-in credentials, from the district to the school.

Create an Online & Hybrid PLC

ConnectedPD® makes it easier to increase teacher engagement and create convenient connection with a dedicated, online community.

Integrate with Current Systems

Streamline and automate ConntedPD® with your current technology and automate enrollments, logins, and reporting.

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