Now your school system can have its own online Professional Learning Community dedicated to meeting professional development and academic goals. 

 Here is a downloadable ConnectedPD PD course catalog.

professional learning community

Propel Progress

Track and record teacher PD with on-demand, online reporting whenever you need it, without having to ask.

Learn from Experts

ConnectedPD®’s experienced educators deliver research-based teaching strategies.

Customize PD Goals

Assign courses designed for each educator's professional learning plan.

PD Tracker

With the PD Tracker, teachers can track all of their PD, including ConnectedPD® online courses, stand-alone conferences, local workshops, and school in-service. 

online courses

ADVANCED FEATURES: Elevate ConnectedPD® into a customized PLC for your school!

Uphold School Culture

With ConnectedPD®, your staff gets a consistent brand experience based on their log-in credentials, from the district to the school.

Create an Online & Hybrid PLC

ConnectedPD® makes it easier to increase teacher engagement and create convenient connection with a dedicated, online community.

Integrate with Current Systems

Streamline and automate ConntedPD® with your current technology and automate enrollments, logins, and reporting.

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